Sun Diner Cafe

Client: TC Restaurant Group
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Size: 4,000 sf


Nashville has its first 24-hour diner.


Located in the recently revitalized South of Broadway (SoBro) neighborhood, in a historic 1910 former commercial brick building, the Sun Diner Café is the result of a unique partnership with legendary recording company Sun Records.  The new 24-hour, music-themed diner pays homage to artists Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, among others, while serving up a variety of original dishes, including Hangover Flatbread and “Feelin’ Good” breakfast burgers.


In a “Crispy Crème” meets “Waffle House” concept for a casual, southern-hospitality diner experience, the design focus of the restaurant is on peninsula-shaped counters that allow diners to interact with multiple wait staff and have visual access to everything happening in the kitchen.


Rich wood on the walls, floors and countertops paired with bright, warm colors throughout were used to create a signature Nashville reclaimed look with a bit of an edge. The painted, signature Sun Records rooster logo on the rear wall draws diners’ eyes through the space where they can also view one of the most extensive Sun Records photo collections of its kind in the nation.

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