No Thai!

Client: No Thai!
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Woodland Plaza-1,800 sf
North Fourth Avenue-1,000 sf
South University Avenue-1,620 sf

No Thai! is a fast-casual, Asian-inspired, local restaurant that opened its doors in 2005. Seven years later, in a move to reinvent its brand, the restaurant moved into a new building and O|X Studio partnered with Phire Group to design a prototype store centered around the Wok with higher-end, streamlined materials, and custom-designed graphic signage. The result is a simple and ordered interior that focuses on the kitchen and food preparation to allow for casual, but prompt, service.


Traditionally-inspired Asian materials and imagery were used to set the tone of the interior, including cantilevered bamboo shelving, bamboo countertops, and grass pattern wainscoting.  The design palette has been refined with each remodel/new store opening and today also includes:


  • Custom laminated ceiling tiles
  • Laser-cut stainless door nameplates
  • Concrete counters
  • Storefront window seating
  • RGB-changing LED light coves
  • Grass polycarbonate resin panels
  • Stainless countertops



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