Huron Village Facade + Site Renovations

Client: McKinley Properties
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Size: 115,00 sf; 9.1 acres


An existing shopping center with national retail brands and office space, Huron Village is strategically positioned along the city’s primary transportation corridor.  Having successfully served the Ann Arbor community for many years, the owners are considering a series of alternative upgrades to invigorate the center going forward in a competitive market.


The proposed upgrades will enhance the site and pedestrian environments and refresh the existing facades with alternatives ranging from cosmetic upgrades in the base design to a new contemporary architectural façade with a revitalized presence on Washtenaw Avenue:


  • New seating, landscape features and planting textures will create an appealing ambiance.
  • Additive architectural elements such as canopies/solar shade provide cover and will help delineate external spaces to help vary the pedestrian experience.
  • Site and building lighting will serve as sculptural and design elements while also providing enhanced security and safety.
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