Cyclotron Building Addition

Client: University of Michigan
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Size: 7,500 sf

Sited within an existing courtyard amid three buildings on the medical campus, the new cyclotron addition houses the cyclotron and radio-chemistry laboratories (for both research and clinical applications), as well as support and office space for the medical school. Located adjacent to the façade is the building’s open stone stair, which allows for pedestrian connections between its extensive green roof garden and the original courtyard as well as access to all four buildings.

The green roof landscaping is informed by the constraints of the building and the use of the courtyard: an extensive range of soil media allows for the planting of small trees; a gravel Zen garden sets the tone for the space; and granite chips turn transitions into paths between patterned planting beds with grasses that step up to a dense foliage at the parapet wall.